About Us

Enerji IQ is the Turkey’s first local energy market intelligence and information provider, established as an independent dedicated company on October 2012.

Enerji IQ published the first weekly issue in November 2012 and the first bi-weekly English issue in April 2013 and successfully formed a regional subscriber portfolio, with the genuine operational news, in-depth trend and regulatory analysis with commentary on price drivers.

Enerji IQ’s weekly reports are published in Turkish where as the bi-weekly reports are published in English and solely sent to the subscribers.

The services provided by Enerji IQ create an information platform, that enables its subscribers to read reliable, fast and objective market information and intelligence.

The analyses and genuine news contained in the periodic Enerji IQ reports enable the clients better-informed trading, investment and planning decisions.

The Enerji IQ reports project its knowledge and experience to its readers with in-depth analyses and foresights concerning energy policies and the regulatory regime.

The founder and the managing director of Enerji IQ Emre Erturk’s independent market experience, which he gained during his duty as an Energy Expert at the Turkish regulator EMRA and his publication experience in sectoral media, enabled the Enerji IQ to grow fast following its establishment in 2012.

As well as the periodic publications of Enerji IQ, its information services directed at the Turkish, EU and regional energy markets are comprised of the following services:


The Milestones of Enerji IQ