Enerji IQ Turkish Energy Market Report (Enerji IQ Bi-Weekly)

Enerji IQ Bi-Weekly, which has been published in English every 15 days, since 2013, contains news items and analyses concerning the energy markets of Turkey and the countries within the region.

Enerji IQ Bi-Weekly, which is prepared with a global perspective, has the characteristic of being the first local publication, which produces geniune content concerning the Turkish electricity and natural gas markets.

Enerji IQ Bi-Weekly, which is a reliable source of information for the international companies that operate in Turkey and readers who wish to monitor the fundamental dynamics of the energy markets of the region, is delivered to the subscribers in PDF format.

Enerji IQ Bi-Weekly projects analysis on the energy and economic policies as well as the regulations in Turkey, to its readers, with the energy market experience of its publishing team, which is in excess of 15 years.

Enerji IQ Bi-Weekly, which does not contain any advertising, relays its objective news items to its readers in a clear and refined language.

The content of Enerji IQ Bi-Weekly, which aims to eliminate the asymmetry of information in the energy market, is comprised of the following headings:

The profile of the companies, which are among the corporate subscribers of Enerji IQ Bi-Weekly, by sector, are as follows: