Political Risk Analysis Reports

Enerji IQ sheds light on the potential risks with its special reports which analyse the policies and political trends which may have an impact on the energy market in Turkey and the countries within the region.

These reports contain assessments concerning the economic and financial risks as well as general political topics. Additionally, special risk analysis reports, on the axis of any questions you may ask, can also be prepared.

The political risk analysis reports of Enerji IQ cover a wide region which consists of the European Union countries (including Southern and Eastern Europe), the Middle Eastern countries (including Iraq and Iran), the Russian Federation, the Caucasus, the Gulf countries, North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean, as well as Turkey.

Regulatory Risk Analysis reports

One of the most important services which distinguishes Enerji IQ from the companies offering similar services are the analyses and insights, which carry an in-depth analysis on the regulatory regime and possess foresight.

Together with its team, which has many years experience in the Turkish and EU energy markets, Enerji IQ ensures that the readers are able to manage market risks in a more successful manner, with its analysis reports directed at the regulatory regime related to the natural gas and electricity markets.

The regulatory risk analysis reports of Enerji IQ cover the EU and Middle Eastern countries and Turkey, more significantly.

The reports may be prepared with general content on a periodic basis, or may be created in a manner which carries in-depth analysis on a particular subject which has been requested.

Market Research Reports

The Enerji IQ market research reports are reliable sources of reference which aim to eliminate the asymmetry of information and data concerning the energy markets.

Corporate and Public Relations Consultancy

Enerji IQ prepares healthy, transparent and sustainable analyses, which will direct the global expectations of the energy market, in line with the distinctive dynamic conditions of Turkey.

Media Relations and Communications Consultancy

Enerji PR projects the close to 15 years’ energy market experience, communications and organisation services of Enerji IQ Information Services, which provides reliable market information to the sector.

  • Enerji PR analyses the developments in the market and prepares monthly, periodic and annual media communications plans, and updates existing plans in line with the developments in the market
  • It presents you innovative solutions in every process related to your corporate news
  • It shares its experiences with you for your internal and external events, meetings and organisations.